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During the 60-hr pairing in the monandry treatment, the male condition (e.g., the propensity for
mating) might have changed (he might have tired).
If only virgin males were used in the polyandry treatment, the difference in male condition between treatments would be great in the
late period of the 60-hr pairing. 157 participants were allocated into one of three conditions: a standard sound condition where LDWs, despite being losses, are paired
with winning sights and sounds; a silent condition, where LDWs are
paired with silence; and a negative sound condition where LDWs and
regular losses are both followed by a negative sound.
Therefore, the condition of males (i.e., the number of matings that
they experienced) was adjusted between the monandry and polyandry treatments.

In order to hold the overall rate of reinforcement constant, wins on the dense schedule resulted in a credit payment of three times the amount bet (i.e., 9 or 18 credits) and wins on the lean schedule
resulted in a credit payment of six times the amount bet (i.e., 18 or 36 credits).
This procedure was replicated five times (slots 1-5;
i.e., the females in the polyandry treatment were paired with 5 males for 12 hr each
and 60 hr in total).

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