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Dannyrah - listopad 12 2021

Social networks and other sites are frequently on the lookout for bot behavior. To protect your account and stay under the radar, you need to be aware of a few good practices. Here are some of our recommendations.

Start slowly + warm up your account
Spread your actions throughout the day
Keep rate limits in mind
Be careful when using multiple Luckytweets on the same social network
Use a proxy
Start slowly + warm up your account
When you begin to automate your account, it's a good idea to start by automating the amount of actions you would normally do manually. Gradually increase how much you're doing each day to warm up your account and allow it to become accustomed to high levels of activity until you can safely do much more.

Spread your actions throughout the day
It's not a great idea to do a crazy amount in a short period of time - this doesn't look like human behavior. If you want to get a lot done, you should do it in smaller batches spaced out throughout the day. You can easily set this up by defining the "Number of per launch" in a Luckytweet's setup, and then scheduling repeated launches at set times and intervals.

It is also a good idea to keep your launches within working hours, particularly on LinkedIn, so that your account isn't continually active at all hours of the night. The working hours are determined by your time zone.

Keep rate limits in mind
Social networks and sometimes other sites have "rate limits," meaning there's a limit to how much you can do in certain period of time before they become suspicious of your account, or even block some of your actions. With some tasks you are unlimited, but for others it's important to be restrictive.

These limits are frequently changing, and are often much more restrictive for automation than manual behavior. For our recommendations you can check this article we wrote on the subject, or check with our Support.

Be careful when using multiple Luckytweets on the same social network
These rate limits are considered as a total for the amount you can do in one day. So if you're using different Luckytweets to do different things with the same social network account on any given day, you should take this into consideration and split your actions across the Luckytweets.

As well as this, be careful about how you time these Luckytweets, making sure you don't have them all running at once - again, not very human-like behavior. You can be sure to avoid this by using the "Every time another Luckytweet finishes" launch option to have your Luckytweets launching in succession.

Use a proxy
Luckytweets often run from different IP addresses with different locations, so it might look like you're changing your location frequently. In this case, it may be a good idea to use a proxy to localize all of your actions, especially if using multiple Luckytweets on the same social network.

Facebook in particular closely monitors the location of your IP address, so we strongly recommend that you always use a proxy with these Luckytweets.

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